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06.08.2009 15:43
Time-space experiences in
10 interactive online movies
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10 interactive online movies, 2008

The viewer sees a brief scene from daily life: public space, streets, plazas, intersections, bus stops. People in motion, people passing one another, waiting, walking abreast, encountering each other. Entrapped, random, anonymous, unspectacular scenes. They are repeated every few seconds. The sound is the same in each scene, a noise. A static tone that describes the technical effigy, not the original scene. A digital recording.

Users can influence the film at any time by interrupting the chronologically synchronized action at various rollover points. The current playback position is stopped and the film simultaneously duplicated. The signal is doubled and while the original scene is a frozen image, the duplicate plays on. People walk out of their own images. Interference begins. The images becomes unstable, unclear. Energy interacts with itself.
"Brain researcher Karl Pribram asserts that our brain primarily speaks to itself and the rest of the body not in words or images, not even in bits or chemical impulses but in the language of wave interferences, the language of phase, amplitude and frequency, the 'spectral range'. We perceive an object by stepping into resonance with it and synchronizing our oscillations with those of the object. Knowing the world literally means being on its wavelength. [...] the non-identity of a phenomenon with itself, the 'absence' (...) of self-presence, the untimeliness originating from aspects of the thing we call the spirit." Jacques Derrida

«OOO» is a project by the artist Esther Hunziker.
Her commissioned work for beam me up is titled frequency

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