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16.04.2009 18:00
Safety Zone
The “Safety Zone”, an internet short film produced by Tan Gengxiong, together with his other artworks in recent years, based on the notion of space assigned to the allusive perimeters visually or conceptually to express his concerns of current human living condition and in cultural or philosophical enquiries.
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SAFETY ZONE. Internet film. 3:30
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Safety zone

Safety? The global economic integration, and the invasion of transnational capital and the financing has not improved the safety of the world, or brought to people with the commonly happy and peace feeling. In fact, the rapid development of cost-effectiveness incurs a large number of unemployment in our society. On this premise, the so-called prosperity of society is weak and vulnerable. It reflects the awkward reality of the current human living situation. People generally criticizing or questioning about the economic issues referring to "globalization", as what kind of hope or the “safe” zone for the survival of mankind it may bring? How far is it from us? The juvenile street riots and the rebellion social image in Greece tell people: the reality of our living condition today is not safe!

This short film uses the street-performance images on the zebra crossing in a temptation to comment on the connotations of "security zone".

Tan Genxiong

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