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10.06.2009 12:42
Shrine to the Martyred Phoenix Lander
Watch the time-lapse video of Jamie O'Shea's small shrine to NASA's Phoenix Lander, destroyed by ice on Mars. This project ran live from June 2009 to June 2010 and is now in an archived state.
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Launch project
This project was live from June 2009 to June 2010; click to watch an archived timelapse video of the live transmission.

Launch June 2009:
Right now, NASA’s Phoenix Lander is entombed in dry ice on Mars. We have lost communication with it. Jamie O'Shea has been building small shrines to the transmissions of the robotic probes on the surface of Mars for a few years now. His latest telematic shrine is a toaster inside a freezer, with a humidifier attached with timers. The toaster lander sits on top of an exact replica of the Dodo-Goldilocks trench dug by Phoenix, where the presence of water on Mars was confirmed. For the duration of the summer here on Earth you can watch O'Shea's web-cam as it updates with a new live image every 12.5 minutes (the time it takes light to travel from Mars to Earth) and see the latest shrine to the 'martyred lander' also become slowly encased in ice crystals just as the actual Phoenix Lander is. When NASA’s Lander thaws in the Martian spring in October, it may come back online. If it does, its signal transmitted back to Earth will turn the toaster on, and melt it free. We await future transmissions.

Update June 2010:
The toaster, part of the shrine to NASA's Mars Phoenix lander, was kept in a freezer in Jamie O'Shea's bedroom for a year broadcasting to this site via webcam, while waiting for a signal from the actual lander. In June 2010, NASA pronounced Phoenix destroyed by ice over the harsh Martian winter, so the shrine was never reactivated.

Project Epilogue

 After it's final transmission here on Earth, the shrine was buried in the myrdalsjokull glacier in Iceland, where dust covers ice as is it does at the phoenix lander site on Mars.

A toaster shrine returned to its native habitat.

Last view of the shrine before it is entombed in an ice

an unmarked grave

water on Mars?

Credits: Webcam software by Jeff Crouse in Processing. Made at Eyebeam.

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