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26.09.2009 18:23
The website of a research
program that deals with consciousness-expanding drugs and inner journeys into transcendental space. It is intended primarily for your computer – not for you.
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The T.R.I.P. (Transcendence for Real and Implicit Personalities) project is a methodical and practical contribution of the FOWDIB from 2008 that deals with basic questions about drug-induced consciousness expansion in PCs. Some programs have the same intoxicating/cathartic effects on computers as hallucinogenic substances do on the human organism.

The website on which this project has been published for the first time provides exhaustive information on the arcane depths of research into digital transcendence. It has been specially designed in low-key colors to protect the nerves.
You can also try out the newly developed T.R.I.P. Pharmacograms on your PC or MAC.

Open T.R.I.P.

The spiritual parents of the T.R.I.P. Project wish to point out that they are not scientists and that they are not liable for consequences, should anyone believe that the contents of this website are scientifically reliable.

English translation: Jean-Marie Clarke

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