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27.12.2010 15:17
Mission Kaki - a Travel Adventure in Episodes
How a secret agent travels through space and time - what distinguishes him from other travellers or tourists, where he travels, when he feels lonely, why does he feel a sense of anxiety, and what does he need to do to carry out his mission? From 2008 to 2011 we follow at the heels of Hektor Maille, the best man in the Secret Service of Santa Lemusa. Month after month comes a new episode of this adventure, which begins on a balmy summer afternoon in the sylvan garden of the Maison Lara in Senpuav.
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Mission Kaki

Hektor Maille tracks Dr. Hing

Jenadi Koslow, a physicist of Russian origin, is kidnapped from his home in Bitasyon Francelle by a criminal outfit masterminded by a character called Dr Hing. Hektor Maille, the best man in the Santa Lemusan Secret Service, is assigned the task of finding the professor and liberating him from the clutches of Dr Hing. The operation under the code name of «Mission Kaki» brings the agent around the half world - in episodes we follow him.

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08.03.2013 10:06
Comment by dr Po Art-eFact
bitte geben sie doch frei. Sie werden verstehen, wenn alle hochintellektuellen Künstler ihre Nerdbrille abnehmen und sich die Mühen mal nüchtern betrachten. Freut mich, dass die Künstler hier Jugendträume ausleben dürfen, aber die Webpräsenz würde ich gerne übernehmen (gern ohne Inhalt)