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16.12.2009 13:12
macghillie - just a void
macghillie is roaming around, defying a goal, without intention, withdrawing from purpose,
crossing the cybernetic loops. macghillie defies classification, attributions are shifted into the void, no will to communicate. recognition does not help. how long this can last in a postutopian space? are there moments for something that does not want to be anything?
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macghillie - just a void

Urban sites are visited by a figure, dressed in a camouflage suit, who shows neither the traits of an individual, or even of a person. The socalled 'Ghillie Suit' was originally invented in the 19th century for hunting and that was later also used during the First World War. Its camouflage effects the anonymisation and the neutralisation of the person who wears it in public. macghillie, a -prefer not to- figur, an actor without idenity, transforming past and future into here and now, oscillating between the hyperpresence of a mask, and visual redundancy. It traverses the modern urban environment in which conspicuity holds ambivalent currency, wavering between cumbersome affirmation and visual arbitrariness. It is a variation of types like  'Bloom', 'Bartleby', or the 'man without qualities', which have transgressed their original literary existence and have become the tropes of philosophical debates around the postmodern politics of subjectivity.

The ongoing project consists of 3 parts:

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