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11.01.2010 18:34
Tv-Bot 2.0
Live Stream Broadcast Remix
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Live Stream Tv-Bot 2.0


The Web is being infiltrated by the news media. It equally transports Webcam photographs, newspaper headlines, and radio and television programs. No matter from which part of the world and in which language: in Omni and Tele Presence news are retrievable around the clock. Since there are electronic nets and programs our language has found nothing but metaphoric paraphrases für these electric spaces. Marc Lee’s Tv-Bot renders them visible in that he scans the Net through for data streams. Via programing code he forces transmission sources from 5 continents in front of our eyes and ears, and puts them together to a permanently self-regenerating news event from all over the world.

Link to Tv-Bot 2.0

Credits: Tv-Bot 2.0 is a new and enhanced Version of Tv-Bot 1.0 which was commissioned for the Xcult-project in 2004.

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09.02.2010 14:51
Comment by Magnus Kahlweiss
Eine sehr schöne Arbeit!
Hier zeigt sich für mich das Internet von seiner ursprünglichen Seite – im Gegensatz zu den vielen ausgetüfelten, überladenen "Hochglanz"-Seiten, die für teures Geld ins Netz gestellt werden!