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16.03.2010 14:59
of twittering performing archives under the influence of thermal ionization
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i am yet to be a tweet – but i hope to pop on your timeline soon.  you can find me and my first, second and other n order tweet-cousins by searching for #cloudrumble56 on or on if you want to participate in generating me, please ping me at

if all goes well, i should have a data connection to an artists’ performance this saturday, march 20th. as part of the performance, cantordust will try to conjecture on dr. cloudrumble saha’s tenure at delhi’s legendary ionization chamber from 1952 to 1956. during these years dr.cloudrumble, who was otherwise famous for sticking a thermometer into the sun’s belly, demonstrated to the august members of the ionization chamber, the planned way to swim through a river in full spate. cantordust might rehearse some of saha’s moves while weaving an asymptotic life jacket for himself and his participant-observer-livetweetmakers.

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