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24.08.2010 11:54
Mouse Music
Mouse Music is an acoustic space which emerges through principles and algorithms of chaotic systems. Explore this rich world of sound with your mouse.
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Mouse Music

Mouse Music is an acoustic space, a deep and dynamic composition by Keiichiro Shibuya which you can explore with your mouse.

Upon entering the space you will find a red square. Open this door and move further in. Click and drag the mouse to create rectangles and squares. The rectangle reveals parts of a complex visual structure. Sound, a fragment of a longer composition, plays in a loop. The width of the rectangle defines the duration of the loop. The height of the rectangle relates to the volume of the sound. The vertical position is linked to the pitch. The horizontal position defines which fragment of the whole file is played. You can create up to three loopholes at a time. A fourth one will delete the first one. The sounds will loop randomly up to seven times.

The sound patterns had been created by employing principles and algorithms of chaotic systems in a hierarchical composition of biased white noise namely a logistic map and a system of cellular automatons. Takashi Ikegami translated the output of the algorithms into sound files with the custom made software “sndchanger”. The sndchanger is a reversal sound/text converter from/to a text file to/from sound files.

In Mouse Music this software is used to create the sound as well as the visual representation.

Mouse Music

Concept, Sound, Direction: Keiichiro Shibuya (ATAK)
Programming, Visual: evala (port, ATAK), Takashi Ikegami (University of Tokyo)
Design, Programming: Haiiro Haiji

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