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Beam me up is an Internet publication with scientific and artistic essays for our present-day idea of space. Read more ...

The project
develops its treatise on the space topic in the worldwide as well as space-negating medium Internet, the technology of which is based on flat, framed picture displays. Hence, the artists cannot draw up space-consuming installations, sculptures and architectures for their contribution to the project, but are medially tied back to texts, sounds and the central-perspective picture space as are the scientific authors. Which kind of expanded possibilities the artists will find in the net-medium we’ll see in the course of our project. Hence, the publication Beam me up offers a polyphonic reflection within the medium of a still young and global communication channel accessible to many people.

The publication form of an Internet magazine with specifically produced art contributions is hardly known yet, so far. Actually, our Internet magazine integrates all qualities of the digital and networked media technology. Among these are the worldwide participation of authors – from China and India via Europe and America -, the private access at one’s home computer for the audience and the application of different multimedia formats which reminds one, with Beam me up, of a virtual art exhibition, a TV channel or an electronic magazine, according to the contribution.

For Beam me up we collaborate with guest curators. Art experts from different countries and continents get the invitation to entrust artists, scientists and art scholars with contributions on the project’s topic and to attend to them as curators. Through their collaboration we hope for an opening of the thematic discourse, an expansion of the international spectrum of contributors and, in the future, also a widening of the project’s public.

Over the next months Beam me up magazine will regularly be enlarged by new contributions. With that, the authors and artists invited will have the possibility to shape and link their own contributions with the help of our data bank’s tools. Since the richness of material will grow rapidly, we invite our guest curators in a next phase to put together a limited selection of existing contributions as subjective chapters or as Guided Tours. This offer is meant to make an overall view of Beam me up easier for visitors.

Beam me up
is a new online production by Since 1995 we organize and curate Internet-based art and text projects which deal with questions of our understanding of reality and our use of the media. Read more ...

                                                                                  Reinhard Storz


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- 'Beam me up' is part of the artistic research program of the 
Art Institute | Academy of Art and Design | University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland

- Beam me up is part of «Swiss Chinese Cultural Explorations» - a cultural programme of the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia. 

- Carlo Zannis contribution is produced by Beam me up in corporation with Multipistes A multi-stage cooperative arts project, Amsterdam.

- Jamie O'Shea's project is supported by Eyebeam Art and Technology Center with programming help from Jeff Crouse.

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