List of artists, authors and guest curators (status August 09)

Curators & Authors
Sarah Cook, Newcastle upon Tyne
Chandrika Grover Ralleigh, New Delhi
Zhang Lansheng, Shanghai
Stefan Riekeles, Les Jardins des Pilotes, Berlin
Annette Schindler, Basel
Reinhard Storz, xcult

Guillaume Belanger, Madrid: European Space Agency (ESAC), Integral Science Operation Centre
Martin Brauen, New York: A virtual Journey through the Kalachakra Cosmos
Regine Buschauer, Zürich: ”You are here”. Spaces of the Mirror, the Path, the Map
Sarah Cook, Newcastle upon Tyne
Johanna Dombois, opera director, Cologne
Jayanne English, University of Winnipeg's Department of Physics and Astronomy
Stephan Günzel, Institut für Kulturwissenschaft der Humboldt-Universität Berlin
Nils Röller, Zürich: Instrumente und räumliche Orientierung
Richard Schindler, Freiburg / Germany: Spaces of Art, Scenes of the Crime
Alan Sondheim, New York: Second Life Installation Phenomenology
Reinhard Storz, Basel: Beyond the Borders. A film-historical field study
Christina Vagt, Berlin: Heidegger's Media of Topology
Dagmar Walser, Theaterkritikerin und Redakteurin beim Schweizer Radio DRS2

Alec Finlay, Byker (Newcastle upon Tyne), Untitled
Samuel Herzog, Zürich: Mission Kaki. A Travel Adventure in Epidodes (2008-2010)
Hu Jie Ming, Shanghai: Empire – a virtual tour
Esther Hunziker, Basel: Frequency
Knowbotic Research, Zürich: MacGhillie - just a void
Marc Lee, Zürich: Pic-me / Tv-Bot II
Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Cologne: Pixel Collider
Jamie O'Shea, New York: Shrine to the martyred Phoenix Lander
Tania Ruiz Gutierrez, Paris
Keiichiro Shibuya, Tokyo
Alan Sondheim, New York: Second Life Installation + Performance
Monica Studer & Christoph van den Berg, Basel: T.R.I.P.
Tan GenXiong, Shanghai: Safety Zone
Joe Winter, New York: Progressive Scan Studies
Carlo Zanni, Milano: The 5th day
Li Zhen Hua, Beijing: 0 = 10,000.

Beam me up - staff
Direction, curatorial work and basic concept: Reinhard Storz,
Conceptual co-operation: Monica Studer / Christoph van den Berg
Interface and database programming, technical support: Klaus Affolter

short CVs:

Klaus Affolter, lives and works as web designer, animation film technician and graphic artist in Basel. Since 92 production and realization of documentaries and animated films (author's films and commissional work); development of 'pankraz film', film production; freelance work in the fields of graphics, illustration and desktop-publishing; since 98 collaboration with several film-, CD-Rom and Internet projects; development of 'bytes & bones', electronic publishing; since 08 sole owner of 'bytes & bones'; member of the Swiss group for animated film (GSFA/STFG) and the media union 'comedia'

Guillaume Belanger is an operation scientist on the Gamma-ray mission Integral in the Science Operations Department of the European Space Agency at ESAC, the European Space Astronomy Centre near Madrid in Spain. His research has been, and still is, firmly anchored to the deepest gravitational well in the Galaxy: Sagittarius A* (Sgr A*). This four-million solar mass black hole whose location defines the nucleus of the Milky Way, is surrounded by a large array of unusal and intimately interacting astrophysical systems. He is interested in the investigation of the ways in which these systems evolve and interact with one another. He has an M.Sc from the Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, and a Ph.D. from Université Paris.

Martin Brauen is one of the world's leading experts in Tibetan art. After studies in cultural anthropology at the University of Zurich and Buddhist Studies at the University of Delhi, Martin Brauen worked as the head of the "Himalaya/Far East" department at the Ethnographic Museum of the University of Zurich. Since 2008 Martin Brauen is the chief curator of the Rubin Museum for Himalayan Arts in New York.

Regine Buschauer is a media researcher and anlyst who has been working as an expert in human-computer interaction and media practices since 1999. She has managed numerous projects in the areas of innovation and new media development. Between 2002 and 2008 she pursued her PhD in media studies at the University of Basle, focusing in her thesis (forthcoming) on spatial relations of communication media. She lives in Zurich.

Sarah Cook. In 2008 Sarah Cook was the inaugural curatorial fellow at Eyebeam NYC through a partnership with CRUMB (, the UK-based online resource for curators of new media art, at the University of Sunderland, where she is a post-doctoral research fellow. Sarah has been curating and co-curating exhibitions of new media art in North America and Europe for the past 10 years; recent curatorial projects include: Untethered (Eyebeam, 2008); Broadcast Yourself (AV Festival and Cornerhouse, UK, 2008); My Own Private Reality (Edith Russ Haus, Oldenburg, 2007); Package Holiday: Studer / vdBerg (BALTIC, 2005); The Art Formerly Known As New Media (Banff Centre, 2005); Database Imaginary (Banff Centre, 2005). Sarah has organised exhibitions and presentations, commissioned new media art and managed publications and educational projects for the Banff New Media Institute (Banff, Canada), The Star and Shadow Cinema (Newcastle), The Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), Locus+ (Newcastle), and the National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa). In 2006 she was awarded a Leverhulme early career research fellowship for her work on artists use of new technologies, and she is co-author with Beryl Graham of a book on curatorial practice and new media art (forthcoming from MIT Press).

Johanna Dombois, opera director and author, born in Berlin in 1967. Experimental music theatre and media art in collaboration with the London Young Vic, the Akademie der Künste in Berlin, De Nederlandse Opera/ Het Muziektheater Amsterdam, Staatstheater Kassel, Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication and the ZKM Karlsruhe. From 2001-05 Artistic Director of the Stage for Music Visualisation at the Beethoven House in Bonn. In 2006 PhD (tutor: Peter Wapnewski) with a dissertation on Richard Wagner's music-aesthetic dramaturgies. The main focus of her work is opera as an autonomous art form: engagement with visual and graphic music, installation, object and mask theatre, the historical avant-gardes and New Technologies, i.e. the experimental within the repertoire and the possibilities of merging traditional and contemporary, linear and non-linear media on the opera stage. Most recent productions: Ludwig van Beethoven: Fidelio, 21. Jahrhundert (Bonn, 2004), Presto 126/4 (ibid.), Richard Wagner: Ring-Studie 01: Rheingold (Berlin/Hildesheim/Basel, 2008/09). In preparation: Neither by Morton Feldman, and Quadrat I + II by Samuel Beckett.

Jayanne English is associate professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada. She has a Ph.D. from Australian National University. Her research concerns galaxy structure and evolution and the creation of images of astronomy. In 1998-2000 she coordinated the Hubble Heritage Team of image-makers at the Space Telescope Science Institute which works collaboratively to decide on the final form of images from the data gathered by the Hubble Space Telescope. In 2006 she won First Prize in the (Canadian) National Radio Astronomy Observatory Image Contest for an image of hydrogen gas in the Milky Way.

Alec Finlay is an artist, poet & publisher. Born in Scotland in 1966, he now lives in the North-East of England, in Byker (Newcastle upon Tyne) and is currently artist in residence at NaREC the New and Renewable Energy Centre (in Blyth).

Stephan Günzel, Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter im DFG-Projekt Medialität des Computerspiels am Institut für Künste und Medien der Universität Potsdam. Gastprofessor für Kulturtheorie und Raumwissenschaft (Vertretung des Lehrstuhls für Kulturtheorie) am Institut für Kulturwissenschaft der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.

Samuel Herzog. Born in 1966. Journalist, lives in Zurich. Between 1987 and 1993 he studied Art History in Basle and Berne. From 1989 to 1994 he directed «Fafa's Kabinett» in Basle and Bienne - a space for contemporary art and food. From 1995 to 1996 he trained as a journalist at the Media Training Centre (MAZ) in Kastanienbaum (Lucerne). Herzog worked as an editor at the «Basellandschaftliche Zeitung», and as a freelance journalist specializing in art between 1997 and 2001. In 2000 he organized the «Total Global» project at the Basle Museum for Contemporary Art. Since 2001 he has managed the company HOIO - importing specialties from the fictitious island of Santa Lemusa ( Samuel Herzog has been senior visual arts editor at the «Neue Zürcher Zeitung» since 2002 (

Jieming Hu is one of the leading new media artists in China. He works independently or collaboratively with other artists from project to project. His artworks have been presented in a number of major art shows or events both in China and internationally. He is living in shanghai and currently lecturing at the School of New Media, Fudan University Institute of Visual Art.

Esther Hunziker has realized various online art projects, videos, interactive animations and picture series. In her conceptually founded artwork she mixes virtual reality with real illusory worlds. Esther Hunziker lives and works in Basel. See more on:

Knowbotic Research, KR, (Yvonne Wilhelm, Christian Huebler, Alexander Tuchacek) formed in 1991, is based in Zurich/Switzerland. The art group has been experimenting with urbanity, construction of knowledge and political representations in mediatised public spheres.
The transformation of the public sphere is a continuous process that is intimately linked not only to the development of media technologies, but also to the ways in which different agents act in the difference of their physical and symbolic contexts.
Their work has been discussed in various international publications and conferences and has received major awards including: the Claasen Prize for Media Art and Photography, Cologne; the international ZKM Media-art award; August Seeling-Award of Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum; Prix Arts Electronica, Golden Nica.

Marc Lee creates network-oriented interactive projects since 1999. Experimenting with information and communication technologies, his projects locate and critically discuss economic, political, cultural and creative "issue-clusters" that are essential for communication processes in digital networks. Marc Lee has exhibited in major new media art exhibitions including: ZKM Karlsruhe, New Museum New York, Media Art Biennale Seoul, Transmediale02 & 04, Viper01 & 03 & 04 & 05 Basel, Ars Electronica, Read_Me Festival Moscow and ICC Tokyo.

Li Zhenhua is a multi-media artist, curator and producer. He has worked with Chinese as well as international contemporary art and culture since 1996. Among the highlights of his productions the first international new media art festival in Beijing Millennium Museum in 2002, as well as the moving image festival from London shown in Beijing Today Art Gallery in 2004.
During 2005 he produced the China leg of the touring British Barbican Art Center exhibition, traveling to 4 major Chinese cities. During the same year he co-founded together with Loredana Cozza and the Dongfang University, Naples. In 2006, the Chinese Art Group CAEP [Complete Art Experience Project] including Li Zhenhua were invited to Rochester University, NY. Additionally, Li Zhenhua curated the exhibition, which toured from the Walker Art Centre, Minneapolis, to Naples Dongfang Film festival, and later to the Art Centre of Chicago in 2007. Also in 2006, Li Zhenhua founded the Beijing based L.A.B Chinese Media Art Archive [exhibition space / research facility / archive]. During 2007, Li Zhenhua curated the symposium taking place as part of CIGE [China International Gallery Exposition], and simultaneously curated and produced the exhibition at Arario Gallery Beijing. Both symposium and exhibition focused on media practice in China and Internationally.
At the end of 2007, Li Zhenhua worked with the Japan Foundation as Project Manager of the group exhibition in Beijing ( Then he become the Executive Director for the Beijing Art Museum Of Imperial City instigating and developing their programme of contemporary art till June 1st 2008.
In 2008, Li Zhenhua is the Project Manager and Producer of the at NAMOC [National Art Museum of China] (, curator for the CINA CINA CINA exhibition in CCCS palazzo Strozzi, Florence, Italy and the 3rd Nanjing Triennial ( and he act as an advisor to Leonardo Journal. For more details of past and present undertakings, please visit and

Agnes Meyer-Brandis' background is both in science and art. Her work combines pure science and creativity to explore the zone between fact and fiction, fantasy and technology. Her current focus is on "fantastic" augmented reality and other participatory urban interventions.
She also holds a teaching position at the university of applied sciences Düsseldorf, is frequently lecturing at other universities and conferences and seems to tour the world to receive awards. She is the founder of the "Forschunsgfloss / Research Raft for Subterranean Reefology", a small institute whose chief aim is to explore and confirm subterranean phenomena. Agnes Meyer-Brandis (*1973) lives in Cologne. (Interview 06) |

Jamie O'Shea is an artist based in New York whose work takes the form of sculpture, installation and performances related to how we understand the natural world and technological phenomena within it. Jamie describes himself as an inventor who makes semantic machines, and believes that all machines are semantic. He loves the things, like memory, that cannot be automated, and strives in vain to automate them. He believes that boredom is a crucial defense mechanism, and should be celebrated. He also writes fiction. Jamie has undertaken residencies at the Bemis Center and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Swing Space. His work lives mostly on the web and in conversation, but has appeared at Exit Art, the Pixel festival, FACT in Liverpool and the Conflux festival. Jamie was a resident artist at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center in 2006.

Stefan Riekeles was born 1976, he studied audio-visual media in Stuttgart, New Media in Zurich, and Culture Studies in Berlin. Since 2002 he has been a project manager and curator for 'transmediale', festival for art and digital culture, Berlin. He has curated several other international exhibitions, such as: 'Neuralgic', Witte de With, Rotterdam 2004; 'Room for Manoeuvre', Skuc Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2006. Artistic projects include among others: MobLab - Japanese German Media Camp, Japan, 2005. He is a founding member of 'Les Jardins des Pilotes', an enterprise to curate, organise and produce exhibitions and festivals.

Nils Röller is a media theorist, he is teaching “Cultural Studies” at the HGKZ (Academy for Design and Art in Zürich) in the Program for New Media.

Tania Ruiz Gutiérrez lives in Paris, where she has worked as an independent artist since 1999. Born in Chilé and raised in Bogota, Colombia, she directed several award-winning fiction and documentary films before turning to open-space video art installations in 1997. She has since gained considerable international recognition in the field. She received her PhD in art from the University Pantheon-Sorbonne in 2004 and continues to lecture extensively on film and art. Ruiz Gutiérrez was artist-in-residence in the International
Artist Studio Program in Malmö, Sweden in 2004/05. In 2006, she was commissioned to create a monumental installation for the new Malmö ‘Citytunneln’ Central Station, the biggest permanent video art installation ever commissioned in Europe. She has also produced a number of temporary commissions as well as multi-media installations for exhibitions at the Centre for Contemporary Images, Geneva (2008) and the Fifth Seoul International Media Art Biennale, Seoul (2008). Her light-based permanent public art work for Vancouver’s Olympic and Paralympic Public Art Program is her first North American commission. |||

Annette Schindler studied art history and sociology at the university of Zürich and Madrid and wrote her thesis on Pierre Bourdieu's theory of taste. Since 2000 Annette Schindler is the director of the new media art space [plug in] in Basel. She developed the concept for [plug in] redefining the structures of traditional art institutions to suit the specific needs of new media cultural production. From 1997 - 2000 Annette Schindler directed the Swiss Institute in New York and from 1992 — 1997 the Kunsthaus Glarus in Switzerland. Her exhibitions, publications and projects have contributed to contemporary discourses such as, feminist approaches, critical art practice, digital cultural production and technoculture.

Keiichiro Shibuya lives in Tokyo. He graduated with a degree in composition from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. In 2002, he established Atak, which functions not only as a music label, releasing CDs of domestic and overseas cutting-edge electroacoustic works, but also embraces creators in various fields such as design, network technology and so on, as well as being a kind of platform to develop dynamic new work. ||| video

Alan Sondheim is an American poet, artist and theorist who lectures and publishes widely on contemporary art and Internet issues. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. Sondheim is represented in Peggy Gale's (Ed.) Artists Talk: 1969-1977, he corealized the video The blue tape (1974, 55') together with Kathy Acker, and from 1983-85 he was curator at The Contemporary Art Center in Atlanta. Sondheim's books include the anthology Being on Line: Net Subjectivity (Lusitania, 1996), Disorders of the Real (Station Hill, 1988), .echo (alt-X digital arts, 2001), Sophia (Writers Forum, 2004) The Wayward (Salt Publishing, 2004) and Vel (BlazeVOX Books, 2006), as well as numerous other chapbooks, ebooks, and articles. Sondheim has long been associated with the Trace online writing community, and was second virtual-writer-in-residence. Since 1970, Alan Sondheim has been playing with 3D. In 2008 Alan Sondheim worked with Azure Carter, Sandy Baldwin and Gary Manes for some months at the Virtual Environments Laboratory, West Virginia University, Morgantown. The results of that research involved avatars, human modeling, phenomenology of virtual lives, choreography and motion capture. Some of Sondheim's work has been completed with renowned dancer/choreographer Foofwa d'Imobilite (Movie).
Extract from an Interview (2005). Simon Mills: So can I begin by asking how you see yourself? Do you conceive of yourself as an artist, a new media artist, a performance artist or maybe as a writer? Do you even think about these distinctions?
Alan Sondheim: I think about these distinctions a lot – not because I’m interested in specific media per se, but because grants and jobs are usually related to them. I fall somewhere ‘between’ literature, music, art, performance, video, computer art and film; as a result, I’m not part of any of these communities. To me, my work is coherent because of themes, sensibility, intensity, philosophical concerns; the medium per se is of secondary performance. In terms of identification, then, I honestly don’t know ‘what’ I am (although I hope I know ‘who’ I am). I work ‘with’ specific areas, not ‘within’ them. I remember years and years ago, on the same day – Vito Acconci telling me he had finally realized I’m not an artist – and Laurie Anderson telling me she had finally realized I was. (Interview 05)

Reinhard Storz, art and media historian, curator in the field of the New Media. Since 1995 publisher and curator of the net art platform Teaches Art and Media History at the Academy for Art and Design Basel. Active in media publishing, focussing on New Media. Head of the research projects 'netart - online and in the museum' (2000/2001) and 'owning online art - study for a netart-gallery (2007-2010, with Markus Schwander). Exhibitions / Festivals / Presentations: '404 Object Not Found'. Hartware MedienKunstVerein, Dortmund (2003), Viper - Festival for Film Video and New Media, Luzern/Basel (2000, 2002, 2004), Group Show "Mapping new Territories" (with Knowbotic Research and Marlene McCarty) Kunsthalle St.Gallen 2005; Center for Contemporary Art Sarajevo 2005; Festival Image Forum Tokyo 2005; Next2Frame, University La Sapienza, Faculty of Comunication, Rome 2005; Multimedijalni Kamp Labin, Croatia 2006; Centre pour l'image contemporain Saint-Gervais Geneva 2006; The Carnival of e-Creativity, Delhi 2006; Gallery SKE, Bangalore 2007; Group Show "Broadcast Yourself" Hatton Gallery, University of Newcastle, AV Festival; Cornerhouse, Manchester 2008; eARTS Beyond, a Project of Shanghai eARTS Festival 2009.

Christina Vagt studied cultural studies and history at Humboldt-University in Berlin. From 2005 – 2007 she held a sholarship granted by the research training group »Mediale Historiographien« in Weimar. She is currently working on her phd-thesis on Heideggers concept of media within the context of modern physics and as an academic staff member for the exhibition »Work. Meaning and Care« at Deutsches Hygiene-Museum in Dresden (June 2009).

Joe Winter is an artist based in New York who makes sculptures that re-purpose familiar technological systems and undermine their functional sense. Past works have targeted sound-related technologies and objects, and have included: a cassette tape that draws three-dimensional moving images; pianos driving in endless circles; and telephones that talk only to each other. Recent work revolves around contemporary technologies of image production such as photocopies and scanners. Joe recently created a subjective astrophotographic archive using an office photocopier as an observational instrument with which to catalog fake stars. Joe has undertaken residencies at the MacDowell Colony and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Swing Space. His work can be currently seen in an exhibition at the Urbis Center, Manchester. Joe was a resident artist at Eyebeam Art and Technology Center in 2008.

Dagmar Walser, Theaterkritikerin und Redakteurin beim Schweizer Radio DRS2, Basel. Beiträge für "Theater der Zeit - Die Zeitschrift für Theater und Politik", Mitglied der Programmgruppe für das Zürcher Theater Spektakel Zürich 2009

Carlo Zanni ( * 1975) is among one of the pioneering New Media artists of his generation, living between Milan and New York. Since 2000 Carlo Zanni's practice involves the use of live Internet data feedback to create time based social consciousness experiences under the form of games, photos, films and installations. Carlo Zanni's work has been shown worldwide in galleries and museums including: Meneer de Wit art center, Amsterdam (in the frame of "Multipistes" - a mullti-stage cooperative arts project", 2009), Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (2009), Sandroni.Rey Gallery, Los Angeles (2009), Annarumma404 Naples/Milan (2008), Alexandria, Egypt, ACAF - Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum (2007), Kunstmuseum Ahlen (2007), MAXXI Museum, Rome (2007, 2006), New Museum, New York (2005), ICA - Institute of Contemporary Arts London (2005), Gavin Brown's Enterprise at Passerba, New York (2005), Chelsea Museum, New York (2004); CCA - Centre for Contemporary Art Glasgow (2003); Analix Forever Gallery, Geneve (2003); P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York (2001). 2004-05 Carlo Zanni has been recipient of the Commission.

Zhang Lansheng, born in Shanghai, China, immigrate to Australia in 1989. Trained as a practice artist in Shanghai, he has exhibited in many countries and his works have been part of some major art museums’ collections internationally. He has worked in a curatorial or advisory role at the shanghai Art Museum and a number of public art museums or galleries overseas since late 1980s. He holds the academic qualifications of Master degree in Art History from the Australian National University and now is the PhD candidate at the Humanity Research Centre of the Research School in the Australian National University. Since he temporarily moved back to Shanghai in June 2004, he has worked closely with local artists, academics and professionals in art field. He is now the convenor of the Arts Management Course in the Eastern China Normal University School of Art in Shanghai and a Special Project Researcher with the Shanghai Art Museum.