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Bmu work: Knowbotic Research's Macghillie (costume / online version)
Bmu works: Esther Hunziker's Frequency and Alan Sondheim's Second Life Movie Bmu works: Genxiong Tan's Safety Zone and Martin Brauen's Kalachakra Kosmos
Bmu artist, third from left: Esther Hunziker.         Bmu works from left to right: Carlo Zanni, Marc Lee, Li Zhenhua, Knowbotic Research, Joe Winter, Jamie O'Shea
Bmu works: all essays united in books on demand (german + english) The book with all beam me up essays
Reinhard Storz, Annette Schindler. In the background, right: Gitanjali Dang (our bmu curator from Mumbai) Bmu artists: Monica Studer, Marc Lee, Christoph van den Berg, Samuel Herzog
Bmu artist, second from left: Li Zhenhua
Components of Morger+Dettli's concept for the exhibition space: streched strings, white painted floor showing footprints in dirty weather

Architectural layout of the exhibition room inside the []
for the Beam Me Up exhibition from 15.01 to 14.03.2010

Rethinking space

by Morger + Dettli Architects

No structural changes will be made to the exhibition room. In order to make the spatial components uniform, the entire exhibition room, including the floor, will be painted white.

The room's coordinates will be established.
Ropes will be stretched to establish connections between elements within the room. They define the room anew, and create partial rooms. The spatial dimensions are altered. Spatial zones are networked with one another.

The ropes engage with the network-based nature of the exhibition, with projects on digital space, and with the virtual networking between places.
The network's significance extends beyond the exhibition room. It connects the inside with the outside, and broaches the boundless isolation of spaces we witness today.

The room's ropes react to the works within the exhibition. They create a network between the room and the work. The alterations to the room lead one through the exhibition. The ropes are made of translucent plastic, allowing room for the viewer to make associations.

Through minimal intervention, the room can be experienced in new ways.

(photos of the installation process)

Night of the Basel Museums, 01/22/2010
Samuel Herzog (HOIO) is presenting his "Mission Kaki" (11 pm) Monica Studer and Christoph van den Berg are presenting their work T.R.I.P. (8 pm)

Reinhard Storz's introduction in Beam me up (midnight) Annette Schindler and Raphael Doerig are presenting "Beyond the Borders" (9 pm)

> > > photos of the exhibition