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Carlo Zanni
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Carlo Zanni ( * 1975) is among one of the pioneering New Media artists of his generation, living between Milan and New York. Since 2000 Carlo Zanni's practice involves the use of live Internet data feedback to create time based social consciousness experiences under the form of games, photos, films and installations.

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Carlo Zanni's work has been shown worldwide in galleries and museums including: Meneer de Wit art center, Amsterdam (in the frame of "Multipistes" - a mullti-stage cooperative arts project", 2009), Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (2009), Sandroni.Rey Gallery, Los Angeles (2009), Annarumma404 Naples/Milan (2008), Alexandria, Egypt, ACAF - Alexandria Contemporary Arts Forum (2007), Kunstmuseum Ahlen (2007), MAXXI Museum, Rome (2007, 2006), New Museum, New York (2005), ICA - Institute of Contemporary Arts London (2005), Gavin Brown's Enterprise at Passerba, New York (2005), Chelsea Museum, New York (2004); CCA - Centre for Contemporary Art Glasgow (2003); Analix Forever Gallery, Geneve (2003); P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, New York (2001). 2004-05 Carlo Zanni has been recipient of the Commission.
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