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22.01.2010 10:35
Night of the Basel Museums
a lecture
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25.02.2009 19:47
February 11, 2009

A performance at
Alan Sondheim's
Second Life exhibition
"The Accidental Artist"

12.01.2009 12:46
A virtual Journey through the
Kalachakra Cosmos and its
Mandala Palace on Top of Mount Meru.

Most mandalas are two-dimensional representations of a three-dimensional concept: a palace full of deities, on which the practitioner is supposed to meditate.

04.06.2009 14:08
Cosmic sites: Remote space and personal perception meet at the monitor
Dr. Jayanne English of the University of Winnipeg's Department of Physics and Astronomy has submitted a new animation showing the cold hydrogen gas, which is invisible to human eyes, in our Milky Way Galaxy. Dr. English makes images from complex data sets aquired via telescopic observations of outer space, determining the colour and form of them as she sits in front of her computer screen.

10.06.2009 12:42
Shrine to the Martyred Phoenix Lander
Watch the time-lapse video of Jamie O'Shea's small shrine to NASA's Phoenix Lander, destroyed by ice on Mars. This project ran live from June 2009 to June 2010 and is now in an archived state.

27.12.2010 15:17
Mission Kaki - a Travel Adventure in Episodes
How a secret agent travels through space and time - what distinguishes him from other travellers or tourists, where he travels, when he feels lonely, why does he feel a sense of anxiety, and what does he need to do to carry out his mission? From 2008 to 2011 we follow at the heels of Hektor Maille, the best man in the Secret Service of Santa Lemusa. Month after month comes a new episode of this adventure, which begins on a balmy summer afternoon in the sylvan garden of the Maison Lara in Senpuav.

11.01.2010 18:34
Tv-Bot 2.0
Live Stream Broadcast Remix

04.11.2008 16:02
Film Clips for the Getting Over of Space-Time Order.
A film-historical field study
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