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20.04.2010 12:01
scotty gets caught up with tim berners-lee
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knock. knock.

who’s there?


scotty, who?

scotty. disembodied scotty. for tim berners-lee’s sake. *rolls eyes* for sir timothy john ‘tim’ berners-lee’s sake. open up. let this not be 404 error.

if you are the true child of popular culture then you ought to have uttered the words, beam me up, scotty!, on more than one occasion. we have all variously opened the door to scotty and happily let him in. because in the bigger picture that flashes on the lcd, with backlight led, we are the servers and the clients. and that really is why we have congressed here in cyberspace seeking interface by way of virtuality.

the computer and its extensions such as the www and the internet have quickly transmogrified into the fulcrum of epistemological debate. through human–computer interaction, net art projects, such as those encompassed by beam me up, tackle enigmatic riddles vis-à-vis cyberspace, artificial intelligence, endophysics and the like. in this vastly vast virtual, representation and communication exist purely within the framework of snaking networks. through protracted exposures to this charged domain of electromagnetics, both abhishek hazra and vishal rawlley have familiarised themselves with the crinkles the big iron can steam out, and those it thus far hasn’t.

abhishek and vishal combine the performative and the conceptual in #cloudrumble56 and hauz-i-shamsi, their net art for beam me up_project india. in order to do so, they employ seemingly new fangled hardware and software, from automated attendants to microblogging. but let yourself not get caught up in the farcical provisionality of the new. despite the employment of certain thingamajigs both the artists return full circle to linger on the key notions of representation and communication.

16.04.2010 09:21
Hauz-i-Shamsi, a reservoir, built by Iltumish – who ruled Delhi in the 13th century – still holds water. Legend has it that it was in a dream that Prophet Muhammad revealed where Iltumish should build the reservoir. On inspecting the site, Iltumish is said to have found a hoof print of Muhammad’s horse (Burak); around this he erected the reservoir.
Hauz-i-Shamsi will now be presented online via webcam. A mobile sculpture of Burak will float on it waters and visitors, in the vicinity and online, will be able to interact with the Burak through phone or web.

19.03.2010 08:06
Buraq and the Hauz-e Shamsi. Or, The Residue of Dreams.
A mobile sculpture of Buraq will float on the waters of the Hauz, the dream-horse returning to the reservoir it inspired...

16.03.2010 14:59
of twittering performing archives under the influence of thermal ionization

19.03.2010 19:25
Five Brief Meditations on
Beam Me Up/ #cloudrumble56
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