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guided tours

10.06.2010 19:43
lecture june 2010
today art museum in beijing,
fudan institute of visual arts in shanghai,
china academy of fine arts in hangzhou

20.04.2010 12:01
scotty gets caught up with tim berners-lee

22.01.2010 10:35
Night of the Basel Museums
a lecture

16.06.2009 12:59
Representing / Reenacting / Simulating Outer Space
Newly commissioned artworks, essays, animations and poems which speak to our struggle to comprehend, represent and imagine space.

Image credit: Joe Winter, image from the project Xerox Astronomy and the Nebulous Object-Image Archive, 2008.
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04.11.2008 13:42
guided tours
At an advanced stage of the project it will be useful to arrange the growing "beam me up" volume in separate chapters, the so-called guided tours. Guest curators will take on the task of compiling a variety of articles categorized by subjective and/or thematic factors. The tours will facilitate an overview of "beam me up" for visitors.
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